Whether you are an early-stage venture or a large, publicly traded corporation, we leverage our investment banking background, corporate finance expertise, strategic mindset, entrepreneurial perspective and best-in-class financial modeling practices to be a resource that you can count on to manage and execute complex projects quickly, efficiently and accurately.
In addition to partnering with investment funds, we provide on-demand transaction and operational support to the Corporate Finance, Corporate Development and Strategy groups of companies at a variable cost.
Transaction SupportOperational Support
▪ Equity & debt offerings▪ “What if” scenario planning
▪ Recapitalizations & debt restructuring▪ Analyzing trends & performance metrics
▪ Investor & bank presentations▪ Detailed financial models
▪ New business ventures & divestitures ▪ Cash flow & working capital analysis
▪ Monetization strategies▪ Revenue & cost alignment
▪ Capital expenditure projects▪ Capital structure analysis
▪ Exit planning▪ Bank covenant & credit analysis
▪ Pro-forma M&A analysis▪ Developing templates
▪ Valuation & due diligence support▪ Financial reporting
▪ International market analysis & diligence▪ Board presentations