Apto Ventures provides on-demand resources for private equity, venture capital and corporate clients. We enable investors and companies to obtain industry leading investment banking and private equity professionals without making significant fixed cost commitments or incurring large advisory fees. We are passionate about helping our clients become successful, whether it is supporting you in a near-term, project-based deliverable or becoming a long-term partner for transaction and operational support.
Apto is Latin for “to adapt, adjust, fit and make ready.” This describes exactly how we serve our clients. We adapt to fit your situation and will provide customized solutions to solve your short-term and long-term needs.
Benefits of on-demand solutions: 1) Obtain top quality talent with passion for their work, 2) Save time and money in hiring and training, 3) Reduce fixed costs, 4) No benefit packages, 5) No severance costs.

About How We Work

While based in the United States, we typically work remotely. This enables us to effectively service clients around the world. With email, conference calls and computer screen sharing, we are able to collaborate efficiently and provide flexibility to our clients, and we can be available when it is convenient for them. We are also available to work in-person and can travel to a client or on behalf of a client to anywhere in the world.
Complete trust from our clients is essential to our business model and we do not take this lightly. We work with very sensitive and privileged financial information and operate with absolute confidentiality and discretion in all situations.  

About the Founder

Konrad Waliszewski is the President and Founder of Apto Ventures, which serves as an on-demand resource for private equity and venture capital firms. Prior to Apto Ventures, Konrad was a Partner at Adventis CG in Chicago, where he managed teams that helped companies – ranging from early-stage ventures to investment firms and Fortune 500 companies – improve their corporate finance, strategic planning and merger and acquisitions capabilities. Prior to Adventis CG, he was an investment banker at GCA Savvian in San Francisco, where he focused on mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and corporate finance advisory for both venture-backed and publicly traded technology companies in Silicon Valley and around the world. He graduated with a concentration in Finance from the American University in Washington DC. 
Konrad is also a travel enthusiast and consults with various investors, entrepreneurs and philanthropic organizations around the developing world. He writes about these experiences and various other emerging market observations on his blog, Konrad’s World Venture Project.
Email: konrad@aptoventures.com
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